Our Story

“I would say I am a traditional butcher with contemporary ideas.”

Before Rod the Butcher, it was Rod.

I was 15 and my neighbours had just sold their storefront to a butcher. I was looking for work experience and he suggested I do it with him. So I did two weeks at the butchery. Those weeks turned into school holidays, public holidays and any time in between. I became the shop’s Saturday morning clean-up boy and that was it—my love of butchery had begun.

I got my hands dirty for a while.

I stayed at that same butchery for 10 years. It was in Richmond, at a time when the area was blue-collar and old-school manners were king. At work it was all was about respect—both for the product you gave out and the people walking through the door.

That attitude stayed with me even when I left the butchery to help run one of the biggest food wholesalers in Victoria. We were sending meat all over Australia (and the world) with orders ranging from $100 to $80,000. And they all went through me.

As you can imagine, in a business like that everyone is a number. But that’s never been my thinking. If a person spends $1 or $100, they should be treated the same way.

Things eventually came full circle.

After 8 years it felt like time to don the apron again. My wife and I were in the middle of having our second child so I applied to a local butchery. And though the owner called me extremely overqualified, I was just happy to be back in my element.

A couple years later, I came home and told Sue I’d bought my own butcher shop. She didn’t believe me, until the phone started ringing off the hook.

So here we are.

After ten years, things have certainly changed. We’ve evolved how we do things, dreamt up delicious new recipes and travelled the world to find other ways of doing dinner.

But our core values have stayed, as have our regulars. We still see them every week. We hear about their weekend and how dinner worked out. We watch their children grow and go to school.

People tend to complicate things but at Albert & Power it’s just old-school quality and customer service. We’re not reinventing the wheel here—when someone walks through our door, whether at 7am or just as we’re closing, you can guarantee they’ll get the same service.